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Announcement  09/08/16 9:38:06 AM

Varna Grain Ltd., along with Ondrejicka Elevators, Ken Whitelaw, Snoblen Farms Ltd., Collwest Grain Ltd. and Les Young Farms Ltd. are pleased to announce the formation of Synergy Grain Trading Ltd.  These five companies have created Synergy to more effectively market their grain to end users.  Varna Grain remains an independent company but this coalition will allow us to remain competitive in a world of larger and fewer players enabling us to provide the best possible opportunities for our customers.
For the 2016 crop year, we are offering contracts for the following varieties for both harvest delivery and on farm storage.  On farm storage premium is .50 cents/bu. delivered or .40 cents/bu. picked up.
    Syngenta S03-W4 2650 CHU $2.50
    OAC Champion 2700 CHU $2.25
    Syngenta S07-M8 2725 CHU $2.50
    Dow Colby 2800 CHU TBA
    Dow 13C38 2850 CHU TBA
    Syngenta S16-F5 2850 CHU $2.50
    OAC Avatar 2900 CHU $2.00

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Peter Rowntree email: pete.hillhill@tcc.on.ca
Jim Hill email:  jimhill@tcc.on.ca
Bev Hill email:  bev.hillhill@tcc.on.ca
519-233-3218 or 1-877-433-7908
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