Announcement  09/22/20 10:16:18 AM

2020 Soybean Harvest


DEFERRED PAYMENTS:  If you have contracted soybeans, please call us the office staff as you start to deliver your soybeans (or beforehand) to let them know if you plan on deferring your payment until January 1st, 2021.  For non-contracted beans, please just let the office staff know that you want your payment deferred when you call to price.



a) IP SOYBEANS:  If you have an IP variety of soybeans, please call ahead of delivery to confirm which location your drivers will be delivering to (Varna or the home farm).

b) CRUSHER SOYBEANS:  Please deliver all Crusher soybeans to the Home farm location (until further notice).


SHARE CROP / SPLIT CROPS:  If you have a share crop or split crop with another customer, please be sure to tell our receiver this information – both names and percentage split.


LAST / FINAL LOAD:  When you are delivering your last / final load, please indicate this information to our receiver.


HOURS OF OPERATION:  Our elevators will be open from 8AM – 9PM daily and as needed.  If you plan on delivering outside of these hours, please contact 519-233-3218 or 519-233-8025 (after hours phone number) to ensure we have someone available at the elevator to receive your soybeans.


If you have any questions or concerns about any of the above items, or any items that come up while you are unloading, please let us know ASAP.  We strive to ensure our customers have the best experience and can only do so if you let us know your concerns.



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