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Announcement  11/06/18 2:08:54 PM

Vomitoxin Policy – Varna Grain
What We Know
  • Harvested corn in this area ranges from 2-15 parts per million (ppm) vomitoxin (VOM)
  • We currently do not have access to markets for corn greater than 5ppm
  • Accepting corn that is over 8ppm at this time will raise the average VOM levels of the entire bin to levels that are unmarketable
  • This has created a difficult situation that affects everyone from grower to end user
Vomitoxin Discount Schedule
VOM Level (ppm) Discount (/MT) Discount (/bu)
0 - 3.9 0.00 0.00
4.0 – 4.9 15.00 0.38
5.0 - 8.0 30.00 0.76
Varna Grain cannot receive corn graded >8.0ppm at this time
*discounts will be subject to change if necessary
Testing Protocols
Varna Grain will be testing corn from each producer; this will no doubt slow down corn receiving.
  • Farms with results below 8ppm will require at least 2 tests.Subsequent loads from the same field will use the average VOM to determine discounts, with the producer’s agreement.
  • If VOM is testing over 8ppm, Varna Grain will attempt to unload the first load from each producer.Further loads cannot be accepted from the same field at this time
  • Sampling must be done on combine samples only, hand shelled samples do not give a true reading
Further Information
OMAFRA’s pre-harvest corn vomitoxin survey has been release and is available through FIELD CROP NEWS (http://fieldcropnews.com/2018/2018-grain-corn-ear-mould-and-vomitoxin-don-survey).  This website has valuable links to information on mycotoxin FAQ’s for those looking for more in-depth information.  OMAFRA also has useful information, including some important thresholds for livestock producers: http://www.omafra.gov.on.ca/english/livestock/dairy/herd/food/mico4.htm
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