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2019 I.P. Soybean Program

Variety RM Harvest Delivery Premium
S03-W4 0.3 $3.25/bu
OAC Strive 0.4 $3.25/bu
S07-M8 0.8 $3.25/bu
Angelica 0.7 $3.25/bu
S10-R2 1.0 $3.25/bu
Colby/13C38 1.0 $3.00/bu
OAC Prosper 1.6 $3.25/bu
S16-F5 1.6 $3.50/bu
OAC Kent 2.1 $3.25/bu
OAC Marvel 2.2 $3.25/bu
  • Delivered Varna Grain
  • Premiums are subject to change

If you are interested in contracting your soybean acres with Varna Grain please contact Jim Hill, Pete Rowntree or Bev Hill at 519-233-3218.

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