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Hill and Hill Farms, is a family organized business and is dedicated to delivering top performance to their valued customers.

"At Hill and Hill Farms, we are committed to offering our customers the full package" - Bev Hill


Custom Farm Services

One main component of our business is our "Custom Farm Services".  We have a complete lineup of equipment to ensure we can deliver fast, superior services, at affordable rates.

  • Variety of primary and secondary tillage equipment
  • John Deere 1790 - 16 x 30" row corn, 31 x 15" soybean  planter
  • John Deere 42 foot no-till air drill
  • Spraying with an AG Chem rogator with 90' booms
  • John Deere 9760 combines
  • 35 foot flex head and 12 row corn heads
  • Stone picking
  • Custom trucking and field trailers

Argonomic Services

We also offer seeds from many of the leading seed companies.

  • Round-up ready soybeans
  • Bulk X-press delivery
  • Identity preserve soybean contracts
  • Non GMO soybeans
  • Round-up ready corn
  • Stacked gene hybrids - RIB
  • Winter and spring cereals
  • Bt and Liberty Link hybrids
  • And MUCH more


Grain Marketing

To complete our package, we offer grain handling and storage, combined with commodity marketing through Varna Grain Ltd.

  • Four fast receiving pits
  • Drying and conditioning of corn, soybeans and winter and spring wheat
  • Storage

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